Monday, June 23, 2014

Jacob's 7th & Grandma's 90th!

Jacob turned 7 on the same day as Grandma J's 90th birthday party. Those two have always had a special bond, so Grandma insisted that we celebrate Jacob's birthday, too. :)

Getting together with family at Zupa's the day before the party:

 At the PARTY!!!

Jacob told Jan that he wanted a dog cake...Jan described Zoe to the cake decorator and they did an amazing job! Grandma J said she wanted a doghouse on her cake. =)

 All the great-grandkids here to celebrate!
 Grandma J's grandkids Kara, Lynn, & Owen
 Maren is always willing to hold a tired Nathan
 Jan ALWAYS pays attention to fun details -- she had "Jacob is 7!" and "Grandma is 90!" printed on M&Ms!

 Aunt Lynn folds these incredible stars out of dollar bills for the nieces and nephews birthday
 One grandma decorating the other with homemade necklaces and bracelets from the great-grandkids
 Beautiful ladies.
 Since we were already in Salt Lake, we decided to take our kids to the zoo. It was very cold and we didn't have jackets, so we made-do with the D.I. bag of old clothes in the trunk =)

 LOVE this picture!!

 Jacob opening gifts at home:
 That Sunday we took a walk and saw a rainbow that ended at the Provo Temple...pretty cool.

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